Apex One Consulting Limited serves as an activist and enabler for human capital development. Apex One is dedicated to provide learning and development services to clients in enhancing their competitiveness by unleashing potential of individual, team and organisations through effective and innovative learning experience.

Facing the dynamic changes in the market, organisations need to find ways out of their box. To jump out, we need a strong team of talents to help us through. The prominent fact is how we can nurture the attitude and boost the change of behaviours of people to align with organisations in the ever changing environment. Through our service, we offer options, tools and opportunities for people and the organisation to transform their mindsets into actions, which finally bring values and create an ideal for survival and growth.

Our philosophy: Optimizing talents and network for excellence

We follow the ONE philosophy to help our clients to make them bright and success, as well as to nurture a better and happier life.
  • Everyone crafts own roadmap to go from A to A+. Leveraging a palette of innovation ideas, tools and methodology around the globe, we thrive to support our clients to unleash their potential in performing their very best to take a further step ahead towards their success.
  • Forming as ONE link in exchanging ideas and experience is one of our goal. We affiliate with local and international expertise to extract the best advice in meeting client's case. We also activate the exchange and transformation of ideas from different channels and opportunities.
  • Our programs not only encourage the evolution of talents and skills in participants but foster engagement to their life and work. We also dedicate our full effort in providing a supportive and enjoyable experience with our clients to continouous growth for excellence.