Architects of Extraordinary Team Culture

Arthur Carmazzi's new book: Architects of Extraordinary Team Culture- 5 secrets from the ancient pyramids

About the book

Lessons from the ancient Egyptians to Move masses of motivated people to build Monumental organizations.

A fun Team Leadership and Culture Change fable of ancient Egypt pyramid building…


This team leadership journey follows a young Egyptian, TepTep, in discovering the missing Commitment and Leadership factors that led to the previous 100 plus pyramid projects to fail… and eventually to the ascension in leadership and team culture psychology that led to highly motivated and committed teams whose innovations produced the lasting quality responsible for the great pyramids that still stand today, 4000 years later.

Readers will benefit from this book from 5 team culture change and leadership lessons that TepTep learns on his journey to becoming a better team leader.

While this a fun and easy to read fable, the team culture psychology and leadership principles are founded in 16 years of research as part of the Directive Communication Psychology… but no research is useful if it is difficult to understand or put into practice… so this book is designed as a simple, PRACTICAL and enjoyable guide understanding team culture, how we can effectively lead team culture change with a few modifications here and there.

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