We specialize in areas of customer service experience, leadership and team development, personal development and organisation change. Our team consists of expects and professionals in different areas with over 10 years of experience to meet the needs and facilitate the success of organization.

Customized In-house training
Starting from identifying the gaps and needs of client, we help clients to find the key indicators and propose tailor-made interventions to achieve the business objectives. Evaluation and follow-up will be conducted to sustain the learning momentum in fulfiling high satisfaction of clients.

Public seminars and programs We offer public programs from time to time, please keep update on our website. We also work with associations to run public seminars, please contact us if you have interest.
International accredited programs
We are proud to introduce programs with Directive Communication Psychology which is internationally recognized and accredited by AIOBP (American Institute of Business Psychology).
What is Directive Communication Psychology?
Directive Communication™ is a training and organisational development psychology developed by Arthur F carmazzi that affects how people act and react in groups and teams. It is a foundational science for influencing team dynamics to cultivate high performance cooperative work cultures and leadership across any human related discipline within an organization.
The Directive Communication methodology incorporates the latest breakthroughs in motivational and genetic psychology, and applies them in improving groups and corporate culture, Team Development and workforce enhancement, and in high yield training development.
After work, many facets of leadership surface when Directive Communication is applied at home to cultivating better personal relationships, raising children, and becoming more fulfilled and responsible citizens.
Learn more about Arthur F Carmazzi , Founder of the Directive Communication™ Methodology and Global Top 10 Leadership Guru.
Colored Brain
  • What Color is Your Brain and How is it Affecting Your Role as a Leader, Manager, or Entrepreneur?
  • How can you Avoid Miscommunication that causes costly mistakes?
  • Are others around you underperforming because you’re accidently being a“Brain Racist”?
  • Are Your Relationships as Passionate and Exciting as they could be?
Through the science of “Directive Communication™” we can discover how to take off our colored glasses and teach, learn, lead, persuade, and cultivate greater productivity in our work and personal life. The colored glasses model is based on the 4 different genetic processors that are foundations for the way we interpret the world around us communicate to ourselves.
It is NOT personality!
To discover the genetic processing patterns of a person’s brain, we can use the Directive Communication ‘Colored Brain Communication Inventory’, or CBCI for short. Once you know your own communication pattern, it becomes apparent in how to maximize your own ability to learn, communicate, influence and cultivate good habits that have difficult in the past.
The Hero's Way
This highly Interactive and comprehensive Leadership workshop concentrates on specific practical and implementable applications to addressing and overcoming issues that hinder personal and organizational effectiveness.
A successful participant will be able to:
  • Use Culture Based Leadership to affect cooperation within the organization
  • Affect the perceptions of others to gain more unity of vision across the organization
  • Understand how personal action affect the organization and its culture and make required changes
  • Have improved leadership skills that are specific to their own refined character
  • Increase communication and productivity in themselves and those around them
  • Bring out Leadership qualities in subordinates and peers
  • Raise the standards of the people through culture
  • Increase drive and affect competence to nurture more personal success through work
  • Overcome resistance to change and induce empowerment
  • Create positive change in the environment by making small changes in their behavior that will show immediate results in fulfillment at work
  • Truly believe they have the ability to make a difference in their leadership ability to influence corporate culture and act on it
  • Sustain behavior modification by creating a structure that associates their visible results from their modified actions, to their personal success and emotional gratifications across their life
The Hero’s Way can be customized in-house focused on Your Objectives from 2, 3 and 5 Day Workshops or join our 3-day public program which is internationally accredited certificate from DCI in leadership psychology and AIOBP(American Institute of Business Psychology).
The World of Performencia: Work Gamification Game
This program is designed to gamify work and come up with more ways to have fun while getting things done and increasing employee engagement. Participants of this program will learn how and create gamified work performance activities through playing the “World of Performanceia” game. This workshop is interactive and teaches elements of gamification through gamified facilitation.
  • Learn why we should gamify work
  • Apply engagement psychology to work gamification
  • Understand the motivating factors that make work fun
  • Learn and apply creative problem solving to identify gamification opportunities
  • Learn and apply Gamification structure
  • Improve productivity, learning and engagement through gamification